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Emphasise, blend, highlight & accentuate…

Choosing the right colour can emphasise, blend, highlight & accentuate features in your home. Our colours are also available for matching hardware coordinates.

Colour options

Aluminium windows and doors come in a wide range of colours.  Colour is applied by either powdercoat finish or anodized finish

Powdercoat Finishes

Powdercoat finish – powdercoat is one of the most durable colour coatings. Our powder coated joinery comes with a 15 year guarantee.  You can choose from over 40 modern colours. 

Anodised Finishes

Anodised finish – anodized aluminium joinery uses an anodic oxide coating to bring out the unique colours within the metal frame.  The result is a matt metallic finish that is durable and tough wearing.  You can choose from 5 colour options

‌‌ Tips for choosing colour:

1. Start with the cladding and roofing colours first

2. Decide if you want to contrast or blend to these colours

3. Choose the colour from the colour chart that best achieve your vision

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