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Sliding & Stacking Doors

Aluminium sliding doors come in a range of options from your traditional single panel sliding door to your larger aluminium sliding stacker door.  Whether it is a beautiful view or watching your family play outside, an aluminium sliding door will let you take full advantage of your surroundings. 

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How sliding & stacking doors work

The standard sliding door consists of two panels, one panel is fixed and the second panel slides behind the fixed panel.  The aluminium sliding stacker door has two panels opening and stacking behind the fixed panel. 

Aluminium sliding doors are great for ventilating your home, you can keep them partially open on a wet day or fully open to let the sunshine in.  There is no outside clearance required so they will save you space on your deck or patio.

Sliding door configurations

Our sliding doors come in a range of configurations. Give us a call on 0800 201020 or info@tasmanaluminium.co.nz for more information.

sliding door configurations

When choosing sliding doors you should consider:

Flexible ventilation

A flexible ventilation option, you can keep a portion of the door open if it’s wet or windy.

Extra space

With no opening room required (compared with conventional doors that open outwards or inwards), you’ll free up extra space.

Seamless spaces

Sliding and stacking doors can be installed flush with the floor, creating continuous flow from outside to inside, with no protruding parts to trip over.


Add a patio bolt for extra security or to lock your door in a partially open position.

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