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Glass Options

Choosing the right glass for your home is important, our glass options can enhance your view or create privacy.

Double Glazing

Double glazing is an insulated glass unit consisting of 2 pieces of glass with a sealed air space in between. Double glazing can halve the heat loss when compared to single glazed windows and doors.

The most important advantage of double glazing is its thermal properties. In summer double-glazing reduces heat and UV entry, whist in winter it provides good light levels and reduces outward heat loss. Another benefit is the improved security that comes with two layers of glass

Tinted Glass

Tinted and reflective glass reduces glare and ultraviolet light entering the room. You can choose green, blue, grey or bronze coloured glass.

The colour can also improve internal privacy. The tinted glass reduces the ultraviolet rays, saving soft furnishings from prematurely fading.

Energy Efficiency

Low E is a clear glass that has a special coating on one surface of the glass. It is the coating which provides the “LOW E” property of the glass. “LOW E” refers to the low emissivity and describes the capacity of a surface to radiate heat.

Low E is the highest performing glass solution for your home. Low E glass combined with argon gas in your insulated glass units will make your home feel just right.

Safety Glass

Safety glass is toughened glass that is less likely to break and if it does break it will crumble into small blunt pieces which are less likely to cause serious harm.

Safety glass is used in bathrooms, stairwells and on large pieces of glass. Safety glass will also improve sound and fading control.

Sound Proof Glass

Sound proof glass is an excellent solution for homes that are close to busy roads or anywhere where excessive noise is an issue. Sound proof glass consists of two or more sheets of glass glued together with a flexible interlayer.

It is also called laminated glass. If laminated glass is broken, the fragments remain adhered to the interlayer. This characteristic also makes it a grade A safety glass.