Bethlehem residential house

Builder: GJ Gardner Homes Tauranga
Products Used: Architectural 35mm, Solace Low E Glass – double glazed
Colour: Electric Cow

This project shows our modern flat face frame. The stacker doors are 2.4m high and open up the sunny sides of the house creating airflow and easy access to the backyard. High awning windows in the fixed panels allow hot air to escape in the summer time and keep the house at a comfortable temperature.

The entry door is a PTF vertical panel aluminium door and the digital door lock provides easy keyless access to the house. The entry door colour Gull Grey matches the garage door while the rest of the joinery is Electric Cow and tones in with the Ironsand roof.

Architectural 35 is a modern, stylish range of windows and doors. The price point is modest making this range budget friendly while still achieving a high end asthetic.