The type of glass you use in your windows and doors can make a big difference to the overall comfort of your home.

Solace Low E is a type of low emissivity glass. An almost invisible low emissivity coating is applied to our ultra clear glass to create Solace Low E glass. The treated glass panes are then fitted to become a double glazed unit.

In cooler climates Solace Low E reflects warmth back into the home, cutting heat loss when compared uncoated double glazing. In warmer climates Solace Low E reflects cool air from air conditioning back into the home. When it is paired with a tinted or reflective piece of glass it will also reflect solar heat outwards to reduce excessive heat buildup inside.

Another benefit of Solace Low E double glazing is a reduction the likelihood of condensation forming on the surface of your windows. For ultimate condensation resistance it can be paired with thermally broken joinery.

Solace Low E glass helps your home to be less reliant on heating and cooling systems providing energy savings throughout the year. This helps your home to be more energy efficient and sustainable.

For more details about Solace Low E glass you can read through the brochure or contact the
team at Tasman Aluminium for some free advice.