A spacer is a key part of the double glazed unit. It keeps the two pieces of glass apart and creates the air seal in between that provides the improved performance. Another main role of the spacer is to prevent moisture passing into the unit and reducing the possibility of internal condensation and fogging.

The XE Edge is a revolutionary spacer that will create greater thermal efficiency, reduce internal condensation and increase the lifespan of the glazed unit. The recent introduction of the new XE Edge spacer is perfect timing to improve our window systems and help to meet the new H1 requirements of the NZ Building Code.

An underperforming spacer can lead to a glazed unit failure. This is often caused by climate and mechanical loads and material incompatibilities that can cause the spacer sealants to leak.

Years of research, testing and thermal analysis have allowed our parent company FM,I to formulate the XR Edge spacer. It incorporates desiccant to remove moisture from enclosed air, a primary sealant for gas tightness, a secondary sealant for mechanical stability, a stainless steel vapour barrier and a warm outer edge for overall strength. All of these technological improvements will combine to significantly increase the lifetime of our windows and doors.

The friendly sales team at Tasman Aluminium will be happy to tell you more about the new spacer and improvements it will make to our aluminium joinery products.